I don’t know how people can read their e-readers in the bathtub or the pool. The fear of dropping the device into the water would give me a panic attack. Fortunately Kobo is familiar with this form of anxiety and is releasing the 7.8-inch Aura One waterproof e-reader. Sound familiar? That’s because it was leaked about a week ago.

The details of the leak were spot on. 7.8-inch screen, 300 ppi density, and $250 price tag. Auto blue light reduction makes it ideal for night time reading and the slender 6.9mm build makes it easy to tuck away. At only 230 grams, it weighs less than a typical paperback, but the Kindle Oasis weighs a mere 131 grams and the Voyage a slightly heavier 180 grams, so if you’re a stickler about those things that may bother you. Then again, I bet you wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t told you.

Between the blue light reduction — the reader automatically shifts from blue spectrum light to red spectrum light as the sun sets — and the IPX8 waterproofing, Kobo is looking to make its mark in the crowded e-reader industry. IPX8 means it’s safe in up to 2 meters of water, or roughly 6.5 feet, for about sixty minutes. Which means you can sit at the bottom of the pool and read Peter Benchley’s Jaws, if you’re into the whole immersion thing.

Pre-orders open up on August 30th through Indigo stores and online. They’ll also be selling through Best Buy.





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