Twitter has been a private company for quite some time, but just yesterday they filed to go public and their shares are expected to be available before Thanksgiving under the stock ticker TWTR. Unfortunately it seems that not everyone has heard this news, at least not the important details, as stock TWTRQ (notice the “Q”) has risen significantly as hordes of buyers mistook it for Twitter.

TWTRQ is actually Tweeter Home Entertainment, a consumer electronics retailer that went bankrupt in 2008, and I imagine the company was pretty shocked and contused when its stock rose as high as 1,500% before fluctuating quite a bit and ending the day at 684% up.

I know admittedly little about the stock market, my only experience being a learning exercise in Government class in high school and Grand Theft Auto V’s fictional, in-game market, but I do know that even if you’re confident a company will do well, that really won’t help you if you purchase shares of the wrong stock.

via Business Insider

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