Have you ever misplaced your child or your pet? Even if you find them within short order, it’s a heart-stopping, stomach-clenching experience. I used to laugh at people who used those harness/leash combinations on their kids right up until I went to Chicago with my niece’s family when her kids were toddlers and we bought some. Because losing track of your kids, even for a few seconds, is an experience I hope none of you ever have. Trax is unveiling its new gadget with app to help give parents (and pet parents) some much-needed peace of mind.

Here’s what Trax is: One of the smallest GPS locator products on the market, which fits easily into just about any pocket. Or, you can use its clip and pocket sleeve to attach to clothing or your pet’s collar. The case is durable and waterproof, to withstand most environmental factors, so no worries about rain, snow, cold or heat. You can preset it for a maximum speed over which it will send an alert (very handy in case someone snatches your loved one and tries to drive away with them), it will send an alert if the device leaves a designated area, and it will even let you know when its battery is getting low so you never have to worry about losing coverage. Its battery lasts 2-4 days on a single charge.

Trax is compatible with iOS, Android, and now its new Windows 8 app will be unveiled at CES this year. They’ll be providing live demonstrations, and several executives from the company including its founders will be on-hand to discuss any questions you may have. Stop by and check them out while you’re at CES, and never worry about losing track of your children or pets again.

[hide-this-part morelink=”Full Press Release”]Trax GPS Tracker for Children & Pets to Unveil New Windows Phone 8 App at CES Las Vegas

One of the Smallest GPS Locator Products on the Market, Smart device & App Provide Indoor & Outdoor Tracking in Over 33 Countries

Stockholm, Sweden – December 12, 2013 – Wonder Technology Solutions (WTS), a Swedish-based technology startup, is hosting the world launch of its new app for Windows Phone 8 at the 2014 CES Las Vegas. Live product demonstrations—as well as the startup’s founders, Head of R&D, Head of Sales, and other executives –will be at Booth # 75301 in the Eureka Park section of CES, January 7-10, 2014. Visitors to the booth also will receive a “Trax Hero Code” for discounts at the company’s online shop.

Trax’s app for Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android accompanies the Trax: GPS Tracker for Children & Pets, a brilliant new smart device and application that lets users locate their children and pets at anytime and from anywhere. Trax combines advanced GPS and sensor fusion technology to provide indoor navigation capabilities and more precise, real-time outdoor tracking. Trax, which is one of the smallest GPS locator products on the market, easily fits into any pocket. Users also can use the device’s clip and pocket sleeve to attach it directly onto garments and pet collars.

Other Trax features include:

· Durable and waterproof silicone case that withstands drops, water, mud, snow, and other environmental factors

· Smart technology that sends push alerts when a child or pet leaves a designated area, the battery is low, or the device is dropped or exceeds a pre-determined speed

· App featuring real-time tracking, safe zones, and augmented reality

· Unlimited and time-scheduled safe zones (for example, one safe zone can be activated while a child is at school and a different zone when a child is at a park)

· Ability to give access to others during a specific period of time (for example, when a dog is with a dog walker or when a child is with a nanny)

· Long battery life that lasts 2-4 days on average with a single charge

“We are very excited to launch the Trax app for Windows Phone 8,” said Fredrik Danelius, Co-Founder & CEO of WTS. “We are one of the very few, if not the only, real-time GPS-trackers with an app for all platforms. This comprehensive approach allows us to continue our mission of helping loved ones stay connected to each other no matter where they are.”

Pricing and Availability
WTS is partnering with Telenor Connexion to bring the Trax GPS tracker to over 33 countries in 2013, with additional countries in 2014. Trax: GPS Tracker for Children & Pets is available at pre-order pricing of US$219, which includes two years of data, free roaming in over 30 countries, and free international shipping. Trax will be sold in the United States and distributed by Skytech Security Services.

About WTS
WTS – Wonder Technology Solutions is a Stockholm-based startup founded in 2012. WTS is committed to improving the lives of people by providing products and services that are reliable, fun, intuitive, and smart. WTS seeks to revolutionize location-based services through smart technology and innovative design. Its first product, Trax: GPS Tracker for Children & Pets, will launch worldwide in 2013. For more information, please visit [/hide-this-part]

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