And you wonder why some people don’t trust the internet? I had a friend who kept her computer in her kitchen and, every time she went in there to cook, she would turn the webcam around so that it faced the wall. I used to poke fun at her for it, telling her she was being paranoid. Maybe she wasn’t. A recently discovered software bug in 26 models of Trendnet webcams allows them to be tapped into with nothing more than an IP address, unintentionally making the owner the star of his or her own reality show. It’s like The Truman Show, but a lot creepier. And let’s not kid ourselves, The Truman Show was already pretty creepy.

The company has been working to inform their customers of the bug and send out patches, but there are surely a large number of unregistered users who are out of the company’s reach. So this is our warning to you: if you have a Trendnet webcam, wander over to Google and make sure you’re not susceptible to the bug and if you are, get the appropriate patch. Or don’t, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The breach supposedly came after a 2010 firmware update, which makes Trendnet completely responsible for releasing such an insecure version of the their firmware. The flaw was first posted online on January 10th and almost a full month later, we’re just now getting an announcement from the company. It’s like they’re begging for a lawsuit.


via Techcrunch

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