Bond Only Wishes he had THIS car!

Is it a hi-tech speedboat? Is it a jet fighter plane? No, it’s the new Giugiaro Vadho!

Italian car designer Giugiaro has unveiled the new concept vehicle of the future at the 2007 Geneva car show. Powered by the 12-cylinder Hydrogen 7 hybrid engine developed by BMW, this elegant two-seater is the concretization of a futuristic dream. Even the cockpit — located on the right-hand side of the car, whereas the left-hand side houses the engine — is reminiscent of a jet fighter plane, with a set of joysticks instead of the conventional steering wheel. The pilot and passenger sit in tandem in comfortable ergonomic seats and are able to communicate through video cameras.

With a car like this, you’ll be able to go to dinner in a flightsuit and ask your friends to call you Maverick!

Source: Autoblog

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