Despite their tendency to send our testosterone through the roof and leave us all huddled around the television, car chases are really dangerous. There’s really no good way to forcibly end one, and techniques like the PIT maneuver are far from perfect. Now there’s the Grapple Police Bumper, which is still imperfect, but at least it’s a lot funnier.

The Grapple Police Bumper attaches to the front of the police car and extends outwards, holding a net, and the pursuing car then drives close enough to bring the net in contact with the rear wheels of the fleeing car.The net gets wrapped up and locks the rear wheels, all the while the pursuing car is now tethered and going along for the ride. No, this all sounds fine.

There’s a video below, and you really need to see this thing in action to understand just how effective it can be. It’s fun to make jokes, and this thing does seem to have the potential for some wild misfires, but in all honesty it’s an inventive solution to a real problem. Or it’s a way to give a powerful vehicle a wrecking ball and recreate the ending to Fast Five.

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