We can definitely smell Christmas in the air. Prospective gift buyers had better be prepared to read dozens of reviews to the find the best gadgets for their loved ones; for instance, one of the BlackBerry PlayBook reviews highlights how suitable this tablet would be for people who already have a BlackBerry phone, as it can sync up by using BlackBerry Bridge.

One of the hottest gifts to give this Christmas–for anyone older than 5–is a tablet.In no particular order, here are six of the latest tablets to hit the market, all of them are certain to be a hit this season under the tree.

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE

First up is RIMs next generation tablet, which is now equipped with 4G LTE capabilities and an upgraded 1.5 GHz processor. Test results in this BlackBerry PlayBook review show that it performed better than other leading mobile devices in terms of browsing, even against tablets with quad core processors.When it comes to software, the new BlackBerry 2.0 OS is a great improvement. If any of your nearest and dearest own a RIM device, then this will be the perfect complement, particularly since, as noted above, the BlackBerry Bridge means data, emails and messaging services can be shared between BlackBerry devices.

iPad Mini

Apples much-awaited mini tablet is a sure contender for the most popular gift this holiday season.Though slightly more expensive than its similarly-sized competitors, it will be a sure fire hit for iOS lovers.The 7.9 iPad Mini is a more portable version of Apples bestselling tablet, but comes without the impressive Retina display.Its portability makes it a more ideal e-reading device. The only setback is the steep $329 price tag for a basic model over a hundred dollars more than the price of comparable tablet brands.


Google Nexus 10

Following on from the success of the Nexus 7, Google is now looking to meet Apple head-on with a 10-inch version.The Google Nexus 10s 300 pixel per inch display resolution aims to stomp all over the iPads Retina display that sports a measly 264ppi. It is powered by a dual core Samsung Exynos processor at 1.7GHz and contains a quad-core ARM T694 graphics processing unit. The Nexus 10 has a 2GB RAM, with options for 16GB or 32GB of storage. But its biggest advantage is the price tag of $399 for the 16GB version and $499 for the 32GB model. With a price almost comparable to Apples 7.9 Mini, the Google Nexus 10 may well be the tablet to beat this season.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Amazons bestselling 7 tablet is another contender for top tablet this Christmas, selling at only $199.The only hindrances for the Kindle are the limited apps and the lack of memory card port to augment storage. It will still be the gift of choice for those who can only afford a moderate purchase, but would like to fork out a little more cash than the cost of a book.

Toys R Us Tableo

We should remember that Christmas is still the season for kids! For parents who are apprehensive about letting their kids operate their iPad, the $150 Tableo is the perfect solution. The Tableo is a 7-inch Android tablet equipped with a sturdy bumper to protect against drops or falls. It also has a built-in browser that automatically blocks inappropriate content for children. If a child does use a different browser to access the internet, the parent is notified through email. Aside from parental controls, it is pre-loaded with 50 child-friendly apps and over 7,000 more for free download.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Among the recently launched Windows 8 tablets, the Microsoft Surface has emerged as flag bearer for this much-awaited new OS. The 32GB base model sells at $499 or $599 with a keyboard cover. The 32GB model, however, only really offers about 16GB free space due to the large storage required by the OS itself and its integrated Office apps. A more practical solution would be the 64GB version at $699 with a bundled keyboard cover. Though the Microsoft Surface currently sits at the high-end of the tablet price spectrum, it would be the ideal holiday gift for those more used to working with Windows PCs.

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