You know what’s cool? Having a waterproof phone that doesn’t look like a ruggedized monstrosity. That’s one of the biggest appeals to the Galaxy Note7, because it doesn’t look like a waterproof phone. Now, Samsung is prepared to go one step further by implementing a superhydrophobic glass coating that literally wicks the water away.

The technology was developed by the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and now Samsung has exclusively licensed it, likely for use with its mobile devices. The superhydrophobic coating is practically transparent. It not only keeps water out, it actually repels the water. Droplets of water literally bounce off it. This keeps dust and dirt away too, taking the idea of the oleophobic coating we already see on phones to a whole new level. Say goodbye to fingerprints and smudges.

The thin glass film could show up (though you won’t be able to “see” it) as early as next year, maybe in the Galaxy S8 or the Note8. As an added benefit, the film can reduce light reflection (read: less glare and better visibility in direct sunlight). It can also be applied to other products, like windows, solar panels and more. Let’s just hope that we can still put out the fire should anything go amiss.

Watch the video demonstration and explanation video below for a closer look at how this all works. Because it’s not just hydrophobic; it’s superhydrophobic. That’s pretty braggadocious if you ask me.


Via SamMobile

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