It’s always a bit uplifting to see a genuinely good idea hit Kickstarter and get funded in a speedy fashion. Such is the case with the StrongVolt SmartCharger, a solar charger for smart devices that automatically goes into standby mode in the event of cloud cover, only to resume functioning as normal once those clouds go away.

There’s no shortage of solar-powered chargers out there, but what inspired the StrongVolt’s SunTrack technology was the way traditional solar chargers would quit working when they lost direct sunlight and have to be manually restarted once sunlight was available again. The StrongVolt SmartCharger automates that process. Better yet, it’s the first solar charger to be 100% compatible with all Apple products (it connects with Android products too).

The SmartCharger blew past its $10,000 goal – as of the time of this writing, it’s sitting at over $56,000 – and still has ten days to go if you want to swing by the Kickstarter and order one or help them hit another stretch goal.

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