Well, that probably explains why the promo shot for Apple's new premium smart speaker has it sitting on a white shelf. It's like they knew all along. According to some reports circling (bad pun intended) around the Internet, the Apple HomePod has this nasty habit of leaving a rather unsightly white ring on wooden shelves. Say hello to Staingate.

Yeah. That looks pretty bad. Originally reported in the HomePod review by Wirecutter earlier today, the so-called "Staingate" is causing quite the stir among people who just dropped $350 (plus tax!) on this Siri-enabled Apple Music player.

And rightfully so. While you may be disappointed with the lack of support for other music services, for example, you would expect that your speaker won't go around damaging your furniture too. But that's exactly what's happening with the HomePod.

The "good" news, if you want to call it that, is that this supposed "white ring of death" only affects wooden furniture. For this reason, if you insist on putting your speaker on wooden shelves or on your wooden end table or anything like that, you should probably use a coaster. Just like how you probably should when you put a drink on these surfaces too.

If you place your HomePod on other surfaces, like your granite counters or glass shelves, then you shouldn't fall victim to Staingate. Or, you know, you could buy any number of other smart speakers instead and avoid the issue altogether. And you get to play songs outside of Apple Music while you're at it.

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