If you were surprised by Nintendo’s decision to start developing tablet and smartphone games, then you better hold on to your butts. According to Japanese financial paper Nikkei, Nintendo’s next home console could be powered by Android.

While the Wii and Wii-U both used Nintendo’s ownoperating system, the company is reportedly considering ditching that in favor of Android’s mobile platform. According to Nikkei, part of Nintendo’s motivation is to attract developers who are already familiar with Android. Whether or not those developers could produce something worthy of a home console is another question entirely.

Nintendo is supposedly fast-tracking their next console, the Nintendo NX, in the wake of the Wii-U’s lack of success. We know next to nothing about the console at this point and this new Android rumor is going to make it even harder to predict what’s coming down the pipeline.

The console race has all but left Nintendo in the dust at this point, but just like that my curiosity is piqued, and now I find myself hoping that the big N can pull out another surprise winner.

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