Apple’s new iPad Air won’t find its way into consumer hands until tomorrow, but review models have been sent out and outlets across the Internet have been scrutinizing the shiny, lightweight tablet inside and out. As much as I would like to present a lively debate, whereabouts the pros and cons of Apple’s newest device are discussed in earnest, everybody seems to be saying the same thing: Apple’s hit a home run.

Below you’ll find some excerpts from various iPad Air reviews. It’s really not difficult to spot the trend.


“Functionally, the iPad Air is nearly identical to last year’s model, offering only faster performance and better video chatting. But factor in design and aesthetics, and the iPad Air is on another planet. It’s the best full-size consumer tablet on the market.”

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“Surprise: the iPad Air is the best iPad we’ve reviewed. In addition, though, it’s also the most comfortable 10-inch tablet we’ve ever tested. Not every manufacturer can produce a thin and light device without also making it feel cheap or flimsy, but Apple nailed it…the Air provides people with more of a reason to upgrade or even buy a tablet for the first time.”

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“The iPad Air makes the argument anew that there’s still room for big tablets in people’s lives, and it might just help usher in an era of computing where households own more than one kind of iPad, and PCs are harder and harder to find.”

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“…for its combination of connectivity, longevity, power, app selection, and relentlessly pared-back design, the iPad Air ticks the boxes that make it the tablet for the everyman.”

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The Guardian

“It’s only when you get hold of an iPad Air that you realise how well Apple has crafted this device. It’s lighter and the internals are faster. Add in the free software, and it has raised the bar on what you can do out of the box with a tablet. The iPad now isn’t just something to do a few functions around and about. It’s a device to replace your computer for almost everything.”

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The only negative thing that seemed to come up a few times was that the iPad Air’s resolution level doesn’t match that of certain Android tablets, but nobody seemed to think that it took away from the device at all, chalking it up to a necessary sacrifice in producing a well-rounded tablet that isn’t more expensive than it already is. Speaking of price, the high cost did come up, but the consensus is that the tablet is worth every penny.

It seems that the iPad Air has received nothing but universal acclaim, with some saying it’s the best tablet on the market and others going as far as saying it can replace actual PCs. While I don’t know if I believe the latter, there’s no denying that the iPad Air is an absolute critical success.

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