For a while there, it looked like there were a few different companies on board with Windows Phone, but Nokia has since become the most dominant player in that space. With Microsoft’s acquisition of the Nokia handset division, we were expecting that to grow even further, but it looks like another major player might be entering the Live Tile arena: Sony.

Despite putting out some pretty decent hardware like the Xperia Z line, Sony has had a hard time competing in the Android ecosystem, which is now mostly dominated by Samsung. Word on the street is that Sony is considering expanding its handset portfolio to also include Windows Phone and they could have a Windows Phone device ready some time in 2014.

Of course, shifting some effort away from Android and into Windows Phone could present an entirely new set of problems. Windows Phone is performing best at the lower end of the spectrum with handsets like the Lumia 521 and Lumia 520, so Sony may or may not do as well at the flagship level with Windows Phone. Second, by helping Microsoft grow Windows Phone, Sony could also be bolstering the Xbox environment, which would then run counter to the company’s PlayStation efforts. They’re separate divisions, but there’s clearly some conflict there.

I do hope that Sony gives Windows Phone a try. Greater consumer choice is always a good thing.

Via TC

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