Are you looking to spend more money on silly things that nobody needs? Are you looking to get the perfect gift for that special someone who exclusively shops at Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Target, and Sephora? Well then I’ve got the product for you! The Facebook gift card is a reloadable charge card that can only be used at the four retailers listed above. What?

“Facebook is getting into a very saturated space with a limited offering at this point,” said Wedbush Securities analyst Gil Luria, hitting the nail directly on the head. I understand that Facebook is looking for ways to turn its massive user base into profit streams, but this idea seems absurd.

The cards can be bought and shipped to your Facebook friends, who can keep track of the balance online. It works just like any other prepaid card, but as Luria put it, it’s limited – insanely so. Granted, as more partners hop on – and why wouldn’t they, money is money – its use will expand, but there are so many other options already out there. What’s the point?

via LA Times

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