If you have a Dropbox account, you’ll probably want to go and change your password. Supposedly some 7 million Dropbox accounts have been compromised and have had their associated email addresses and passwords accessed, though how they were accessed is currently being debated.

This all started when an anonymous user on Pastebin took credit for the security breach and posted the information from 400 accounts, promising more if he or she could get Bitcoin donations (similar to how the celebrity nude leaks played out). Those leaked credentials were genuine, which gave the hacker some credibility, but then the hacker released a few hundred more credentials that turned out to be fake. Your guess is as good as mine.

On the other side of things, Dropbox claims that their security was never comprised and instead placed the blame on poor personal security, saying that the passwords were accessed elsewhere and only those who resuse passwords across multiple sites were affected. In a nutshell, Dropbox is saying that it’s your fault, not theirs.

Dropbox has apparently reset all of the compromised passwords, saying that there wasn’t any real damage done in the end. As of right now, nobody knows the actual source of the leaked passwords, assuming what Dropbox says is true and their security was never breached. Whoever’s fault it is, using a different password for every website is solid, safe advice. It’s a pain in the neck, but there are various password managers out there that can help you maintain dozens of passwords. It’s worth the effort.

via Tech Crunch

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