Despite the massive shift to e-books and e-readers, books made of paper will always be rad. The feel, the smell, and overall experience can’t be recreated electronically and there are many who don’t want to see that go away. One of those many is Ash Kaib, who co-founded the Singularity & Co. science-fiction book store through Kickstarter. Kaib was only asking for $15,000, which seems reasonable for opening a bookstore, but he shattered that goal, bringing in a generous $52,276.

So now Singularity & Co. is a reality, nestled away on a street corner in Brooklyn. The idea behind the store is to “rescue” sci-fi classics that are out of print or out of circulation and in danger of disappearing. Even Kaib himself admits to finding e-books more preferable, but he recognizes that some science classics just aren’t going to make their way to the digital format. It’s a worthy cause and one I couldn’t support more.

via The Verge

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