Real women may have curves, but watches usually don’t. Nobody tell Samsung that, though. Their new Gear S smartwatch – the sixth they’ve announced in the last year – sports a curved display that admittedly looks pretty sleek. I’m not usually one to be suckered in by fancy aesthetics (I’m lying), but the idea of a curved watch wrapped around your wrist is something that just feels right to me.

Of course, that’s just one of the Gear S’s special features, the other being 3G connectivity, which is arguably the more important feature. Samsung’s earlier Gear Fit smartwatch also featured a (smaller) curved display, but this is the first time that the company has included 3G connectivity in a watch. Like their other watches, the Gear S will run Tizen OS as opposed to Android Wear. The rectangular display measures 2 inches diagonally and offers a resolution of 360 x 480. It also features an on-screen keyboard for those who have toothpicks for fingers. Regular people with regular fingers can use Samsung’s S Voice to navigate the watch’s OS.

The Gear S can take and make phonecalls, but unlike earlier Samsung smartwatches, it doesn’t need to be paired with a smartphone thanks to its own 3G connectivity. However, it’s currently unknown just how capable the watch will be on its own. We don’t have pricing yet either, but we know that the watch is coming in October. With a release window already picked out, I can’t imagine we’ll have to wait long for more details.

via Gizmag

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