It was only a matter of time, but Google is entering the wearable tech arena in a very official way… and they’re looking to make a huge splash. Android Wear is the name of their operating system that’s been tailored specifically towards wearable devices and right now smartwatches will be the first thing to run the modified OS.

Google has announced that they’re already working with several partners on wearable devices and two of those partners have already revealed their smartwatches. Unsurprisingly, one of those partners is LG, and the LG G Watch is headed for a Q2 2014 release. The watch pictured above is what Motorola is working on and it’s called the Moto 360. You know, because it’s round. Google is determined to keep these watches aesthetically pleasing and, later this year, watch company Fossil will be offering their own Android Wear watch as well.

There are two videos below that will tell you more about Android Wear. Personally I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been intrigued by smartwatches but not fully sold; with Google in the game, that’s going to change very quickly.

Via The Verge

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