We’ve been teased with the possibility of foldable phones for some time now. I’m not talking about flip phones, of course, but actual foldable screens. According to a recently discovered patent application, it looks like we might finally see one sometime next year courtesy of Samsung.

The phone is dubbed Project Valley and would look like a regular smartphone, but a back hinge and foldable display would allow it to fold in half like a flip phone. There are images that suggest the phone called be folded lengthwise, too, but nothing can be confirmed.

According to Hyundai Securities analyst Kim Dong-won, 2017 will indeed be the year that we finally see the smartphones with the folding technology, and Apple and Google are expected to release their own devices the following year. Speculating off of patents is always tricky business, but at least we have an analyst to help guide us rather than just doing it ourselves.

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