It’s debatable whether or not 2014 really is the year of the smartwatch. Up until now, smartwatches have been designed as companion devices, connecting to your primary smartphone via Bluetooth to get anything accomplished. That could be changing with the rumored arrival of the Samsung Gear 2 Solo smartwatch, also known less eloquently as the SM-R710.

Leaked via import site Zauba.com, the Samsung Gear 2 Solo boasts a very critical feature that you won’t find on the Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear Fit. The key feature here is that the Gear 2 Solo will have its own SIM card slot, effectively allowing it to function independently as its own smartphone. It’ll make its own calls, send its own text messages, and do all the other things that phones do… but without having to connect to a separate phone at all.

In this way, the Gear 2 Solo brings us so much closer to an Inspector Gadget or James Bond-like reality. What’s more, the Zauba listing has the rumored smartwatch listed at just 12,292 rupees. That works out to around $200, which is roughly the same price as the Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. I imagine that’s just a placeholder and the actual product, should it ever launch, will be priced higher than that.

This seems like a neat idea and, up until now, it’s only a concept that’s been explored by far lesser known companies. At the same time, I can’t imagine using a smartwatch to handle all the primary functions of a phone. Can you really imagine browsing the web, watching YouTube videos and drafting up lengthy e-mail messages on such a small touchscreen?

Via MakTechBlog.com

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