Do you like the PAPAGO! P3 dashcam, but find it’s a little too rich for your blood? This doesn’t mean you have to go without a dashcam, because now there is the more affordable GoSafe 115 that offers many of the advanced driving assistance features that you find in higher end models… but at less than half the price!

In line with other dashcams from the PAPAGO! GoSafe line, the GoSafe 115 has a substantially slimmer profile than the P3. It’ll record 720p HD video with a 126-degree viewing angle, displaying what it is recording via the 2.0-inch display. As can be expected, it’ll automatically overwrite old footage and power comes by way of your car’s 12V outlet.

Some key safety features include a stop and go alert, a headlight reminder for driving in the dark, a driver fatigue alert and a motion sensor. You’ll need to hardwire the dashcam for power if you want to use that last feature.

The PAPAGO! GoSafe 115 dashcam retails for $89.99.


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Introducing the PAPAGO! GoSafe 115. Do not let the size of this dashcam fool you. Packed with many of the same features that higher end models support, the GoSafe 115 comes loaded with an advanced driver safety system. If you are in the market for a reliable dashcam that is small and compact then the GoSafe 115 is the perfect buy.

PAPAGO! is known for its’ multiple features that they manage to pack-in to such small devices such as dashcams and the GoSafe 115 did not get overlooked. Its’ electric blue and black body attractively houses features like: Stop and Go; Light Reminder; G-Sensor (backs-up footage when it feels an impact); Driver Fatigue Alarm; and Motion Detection. The Motion Detection feature works when you hardwire the device to your car’s battery or with a car that continually runs power to their 12V car plug when the car is turned off and not in motion.

Not only does the GoSafe 115 promote safer driving habits while on the road it also records at a 126° angle using an Ambarella chip that provides HD video footage that is crisp and clear day or night. Just like most dashcams these days you can use it to record traffic disasters, proof in insurance claims, or for recording your adventures while traveling.

If you are looking for the perfect dashcam that will cover all your basic needs than the GoSafe 115 is worth looking into. PAPAGO! is determined to cover a wide range of consumer needs and with a price set at $89.99 the GoSafe 115 is affordable for any type of budget.

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