Pardon me while I drone on about some drones. Drones are all the rage nowadays. Amazon wants to use them to deliver packages. Real estate agents are using them to get aerial shots of homes for sale. And TGI Friday is using drones to carry around mistletoe and occasionally smash people in the face.

Now a company in Germany is using drones to check its inventory. The drones are equipped with mobile antennas that can ping RFID tags and read barcodes, so they can fly around the warehouse and see exactly what’s in stock. The project is called InventAIRy and it’s saving them a lot of time.

The coolest part is that they navigate the warehouse independently, so you could send one to go check for an item while you’re working on another order or doing something else. They also fly, so they can check out hard-to-reach places. No more lugging out the big ladders!

Robots are cool when they’re not slicing up peoples’ faces.

via TechCrunch

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