When we paid a visit to the Samsung booth at CES, we noted that they’re a company known for releasing products with screens of all sizes, but what about putting another screen right in front of your face? That seems to be next on their agenda, as we’re hearing rumors of a so-called Samsung Galaxy Glass.

Word comes by way of The Korea Times that Samsung will be revealing its own take on the world of smart glasses this September at Berlin’s IFA. This would be perfectly in line with Samsung’s ongoing strategy, which has already seen the release of the Galaxy Gear smartphone, as well as countless smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. In effect, Galaxy Glass would be like having Galaxy Gear in front of your face, receiving calls, displaying text messages and so on.

What you see above is a patent drawing from Samsung, but it’s really of the upcoming Galaxy Glass. Instead, it’s a pair of “sports glasses” that Samsung patented last year in Korea. The design of the final Galaxy Glass product may or may not evoke the same styling, but it could give you an idea of where they may be headed.

Via The Verge

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