In a rumored move that’s not going to surprise anyone, the next iteration of the Apple iPad is going to follow largely in the footsteps of the new iPhone X. Whether or not they choose to call it the iPad X (which I personally find doubtful), the new iPad will get rid of the traditional home button just like its newest iPhone counterpart.

And just like how the iPhone X was not able to replace the home button with an in-screen fingerprint reader for Touch ID, the new iPad will also migrate its way over to using Face ID instead. Set for release some time in early 2018, the next-generation Apple tablet will also move toward having slimmer bezels but it’s unlikely that it’ll move to an OLED display.

There are tablets with OLED screens already, the Galaxy Tab S3 is perhaps the most notable example, but it doesn’t look like the new iPad is taking this path, at least not yet. This will be the higher end iPad model, of course, so it could be positioned simply as the new iPad Pro.

Along with the removal of the home button and the inclusion of Face ID, the new iPad will inevitably get a performance boost by way of a new processor and custom GPU too, as is usually the case with this sort of update. There will likely be a new version of the Apple Pencil to go with this, along with some software updates. For the time being, it’s unclear whether the new design will also feature the now-iconic iPhone X “notch” or not.

What would you want to see in a new iPad? Are you sad to see the slow demise of Touch ID in favor of Face ID? Or are you excited to get into the Animoji game on a bigger screen with an Apple Pencil?

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