Smartphones are sometimes the bane of existence at work, especially for those around the person who just can’t wait to post a picture or make a comment, leaving everyone hanging until he/she can get back to the task at hand. But Ryobi wants to change how we think about that, and they’re doing it by creating these neat new accessories that turn your smartphone into a series of working tools.

These eight different accessories are not specific to any particular brand of phone or OS, and can be clamped or tethered to pretty much any smartphone of recent generation. It’s unclear whether they are compatible with Windows phones, but they can definitely be used with iOS and Android. Obviously not all the tools will be helpful for everyone, but even if you don’t need them for work there are a few that would come in handy around the house. Choose between a moisture meter, a laser pointer that can also draw lines, a laser distance measurer, a stud finder, a video camera inspection scope, a pair of noise-cancelling earplugs, an infrared thermometer, or a projection laser level.

All of the Phone Works accessories work with just one app (free with purchase of one of the accessories), so no worries about cluttering up your phone or using up valuable memory. It also means all your data can be stored in one central location, which from there is easily shared with colleagues through text message or email.

Pricing varies depending on which accessory you would like, with the cheapest (laser pointer) coming in at $15.00 US ranging through the most expensive (inspection scope) at $100.00 US. But those really aren’t unreasonable prices if you compare them to stand-alone devices of a similar nature.

Source: Gizmodo

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