Is this inevitable or is this ludicrous? Among the many features on the hotly anticipated Apple iPhone X — which is apparently in short supply, so they’re not exactly encouraging retailers to upsell customers from an iPhone 8, but that’s another tale for another day — perhaps the most contentious is the iPhone X notch at the top. It was a compromise Apple decided to take, but are they going to port it over to their other devices too?


The reason that the iPhone X notch exists at all is really quite simple. Apple wanted to go as bezel-free as possible with the new iPhone, just like we see on the Galaxy Note8 and the Essential Phone, so that meant getting rid of the home button. The home button is where you find Touch ID and the tech for hiding the fingerprint reader under the screen wasn’t quite ready for prime time yet.

So, instead of moving Touch ID to the back, like how fingerprint readers are on so many Android phones (including the recently reviewed Google Pixel 2 XL), Apple “innovated” with what it called Face ID. It’s kind of like the Kinect on the Xbox, but shoved into a series of sensors on your phone. The facial recognition is supposed to be much better than what we’ve seen on mobile devices with just regular front-facing cameras.

But what if Apple wanted to go bezel-free with their other products? And what if they wanted to integrate Face ID into those products too, just as they have with Touch ID? Curved Labs produced the video above with some great renders of the iPhone X notch as it might appear on the Apple Watch, iPad and Macbook.

Considering how much I liked the remarkably thin bezels on the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, why wouldn’t people want thinner bezels on a Macbook or an iPad too? What do you think of the notch?

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