This is not the first time I’ve written about PowerSkin products, and it probably won’t be the last. In fact, when I first wrote about their case for HTC Thunderbolt, I immediately pre-ordered one. Unfortunately, after about a month it stopped taking a charge, but their RMA process was pretty quick and painless, and I received a replacement with no questions asked less than a week after shipping the original back to them. The replacement has worked like a dream since I got it. All of which means I feel confident in recommending their other products to you.

PowerSkin cases are available for a wide variety of phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S II is the latest offering. As with all their cases, it is made of recycled materials, and will protect your case from the inevitable dropping (trust me on this…I watched mine bounce three feet and it didn’t even shut off). In this incarnation, it will provide an additional eight hours of battery life for your phone. If you’re familiar with how quickly smartphones suck the life out of their batteries, you know how important that is. The case has its own on/off button, and will charge your phone’s battery before charging itself when connected to power to ensure you always have enough juice to make an important call.

One thing none of the PR tells you that I’ve discovered is if you want to use your phone as an external hard drive to transfer pictures or whatever else you might need, you have to remove the case and connect your phone directly. The case is not recognized by any computer I’ve met as anything other than a device that needs charging. Also, it doesn’t come with an AC adapter, only a USB to microUSB cord. Not that big a deal, especially since your phone will have come with a USB to AC adapter, but something to think about.

You can pick one of these up at over 20,000 AT&T stores across the US for $80.00 US. Sure, it’s a bit spendy, but then how much does a spare battery cost? And how do you carry it around?

Source: YourTechReport

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