Electric skateboards have been done before, but not like the ZBoard. With an electric drivetrain and a system that powers according to how your weight is shifting. The board has both a front and a rear foot pad. By leaning forward and pressing on the front pad, the board will accelerate. Lean back on the rear pad and you will fall on your face the brakes will engage.

The ZBoard has a 400 watt motor and you can purchase either the 15 mph, 5-mile-range version or the 17 mph, 10-mile-range, for $600 and $850, respectively. The boards will begin shipping in March, but if you pre-order before March 15 you can get a $100 discount, which is pretty substantial. I have the worst balance of anyone I know and the thought of a motorized skateboard terrifies me. I can fall off a regular skateboard just fine, thank you very much.

via Gizmodo

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