When you think of a dashcam, you think of all the crazy car wreck footage that you see on the Internet. The last thing you think about is driver safety. PAPAGO! is trying to change that, and new firmware available to certain models will help you spot hard-to-see stop signs.

If you have a LORA/GoSafe 381, GoSafe 200, or a P3, you can download the new firmware to give your camera Stop Sign Recognition. Whenever the camera detects a stop sign, it will notify you with a beep and a stop sign icon on the LCD screen. I know I’ve accidentally run a signs because I didn’t see them, so this is definitely a useful feature.

If you have the P3 model, you can take your driver safetiness further with the Driver ScoreBoard, which sort of gamifies the driving experience. You’ll get a star rating based on how you drive, gaining points for following precautions and generally driving well, while losing points for accelerating too fast, slamming on your brakes, and of course hitting things.

PAPAGO! dashcams have always been quality products, and now they go beyond their core purpose to make the driving experience safer. It may not be why you bought your dashcam, but it’s all completely free, so what can it hurt? Scroll down to read the full press release.

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New Driver Assistance Features for Select PAPAGO! Dashcams

Many long-time dashcam users may not want all the bells and whistles that come with an advanced dashcam with driver assistance features; they just want a reliable camera that will capture crystal clear footage. Others have grown to trust and rely on the driver assistance features that can be found exclusively in PAPAGO! dashcams.

With the release of new firmware updates for the LORA/GoSafe 381, the GoSafe 200, and the P3 users will now have Stop Sign Recognition. With Stop Sign Recognition your dashcam will use advanced visual tracking of any stop signs in its’ view and alert you by beeping and showing a stop sign icon on the LCD screen. Avoid any mishaps by never running a stop sign again.

Available exclusively with the P3, the Driver ScoreBoard (point system) is a revolutionary new way to travel those treacherous roads. We all know the importance of good driving habits. With this system you can earn points by following all precautions and driving well. You can lose points when accelerating too fast, slamming your brakes, any collisions, speeding, sudden lane changes, driving too close to the car in front of you for a long period of time, and not keeping up with traffic after the traffic light switches from red to green, or if the Stop & Go feature is activated two or more times. Stick to the rules of the road and keep your ScoreBoard at 5 stars. Never allow yourself to get to zero stars!

With these new additions to an already robust set of driver assistance features, PAPAGO! dashcams are way ahead of the competition. Drivers using PAPAGO! dashcams will soon find that they will come to rely on these safety features to keep them focused and secure while driving. Imagine a world without distracted drivers and I can assure you that PAPAGO! dashcams will be the reason behind it. Visit our site to learn more: us.papagoinc.com.


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