One Grip Bag Holders To The Rescue Of The Lazy Shopper

For many of us, grocery shopping often leads to the difficult situation of buying too much stuff and ending up carrying more bags than your hands can cope with. While in the store, the shopping trolley can handle the delicate duty of holding all the bags before loading them into the car. But, once at home, the task of limiting the number of trips between car and kitchen becomes quite tricky. Most of us will try to make only one journey, laden with as many bags as possible in each hand, with the handles wrapped around wrists or fingers that soon start to hurt notwithstanding the fact that those fragile handles have an annoying tendency to break under the weight of the many items we crammed into each bag.

Luckily for us, the One Grip Bag Holders have come to the rescue. For a mere $12.99 a set of two, they will allow you to carry an impressive number of bags that your bare hands couldnt hold without the miraculous intervention of these ingenious pieces of plastic. This is yet another invention that will make us even lazier than we already are.

Source: Gizmodo

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