It sounded like a good idea. The pure electric Nissan Leaf means that you are no longer bound to the gas pump, simply refilling that battery pack each night when you get home. However, the trouble seems to be… getting home.

There are more than a few reports going around saying that Nissan Leaf owners are getting stranded by their vehicles. The estimated range remaining drops drastically, leaving the drivers without enough juice to get to their destinations.

One guy needed to drive 13 miles to get home. The range remaining said 26 miles. Sounds good, right? Well, he didn’t make it. The battery went dead when he was still two miles from home. The other factor? It’s still cold out and the Leaf doesn’t have a built-in heating system for the car’s battery pack; that hurts its efficiency and range.

I know the Leaf is one way that we’re supposed to go green, but I didn’t expect that going green meant walking half way home. Maybe going with a sporty hybrid is a safer bet; at least you can fill up at the pump before getting stuck on the side of the road.

Source: Jalopnik

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