This holiday season will see the release of next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. Nintendos next-gen Wii U is decidedly not next-gen, has been out for a year, and has been a pretty huge letdown for the company that burned up the market with the original Wii console. Apparently Nintendo isnt losing the console war without a fight, though, as they plan to release the retooled Wii Mini in the US in time for the holiday season.

The Wii Mini, for those who dont know but could probably guess, is a stripped down version of Nintendos popular Wii console, which hit the market way back in 2005. The most notable difference between the Wii Mini and the traditional Wii is the lack of an Internet connection in the Mini, which is a pretty huge adjustment, as it cuts off your access to all of the digital titles available through Virtual Console. It’s also unable to play Gamecube games, so you’re limited to just Wii games. Its also only $99 and comes bundled with Mario Kart Wii, which is a pretty good deal.Im disappointed in the lack of VC, personally, as I could see myself buying one solely for trips if I could load it up with old RPGs and what-not.

The Wii Mini should be available in stores soon. I love Nintendo, but the $299 failed Wii U console and a $99 streamlined version of a 7-year old console is not what I’d call a solid holiday offering.

via Slash Gear

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