Who wants a regular old flat display anymore? We’ve supposedly been on the cusp of flexible and foldable displays for a number of years already, but nothing groundbreaking has really emerged to the surface for consumer consumption yet. Yes, we have the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex, but they both only offer a gentle curve. That’s not good enough, but we could have something way better soon.

No, the technology isn’t quite there yet, but Samsung has some bold ambitions for smartphones of the future with flexible and foldable displays. These concepts aren’t dreamed up by some guy on Yanko Design; these concepts are coming straight out of Samsung and they indicate why the Korean company is continuing to invest so much R&D money in this area. That super bendy Windows Phone at the top looks pretty nifty, especially if you could totally roll it up.


These are all just ideas at the moment, of course, because they’d have to deal with all the other components like the battery, processor, camera module and the rest of it, but it does show that Samsung is daring to be different. The tri-fold design, for example, could be a cool way to get a bigger total display without increasing the footprint of the phone itself.


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