At the IBC Show in Amsterdam this week, where the “Red Light” means more than just “it’s recording”, RØDE announced a brand new Stereo VideoMic known as the “X”, or the SVMX for short. It’s the upgrade to the original “ball mic”, the Stereo VideoMic Pro, that was great at capturing atmospheric/ambient sound and music. But of course, it’s made “extra awesome” because it has an “X” in the name. And that’s not just the “hash brownies” talking!

The new SVMX features two acoustically matched condenser capsules, suspended on custom Rycote Lyre mounts. A lightweight windshield houses the two mics, with an optional deadcat available if you need more protection from the wind noise. All of this is anchored to a solid aluminum frame giving it that “X” factor in build quality. But one of the biggest features that makes the new SVMX special is that in addition to connectivity via a 3.5mm stereo output, the unit also has the option of outputting to balanced XLRs. And they can be used simultaneously to allow high quality capture to audio recorders and camera bodies simultaneously.

In terms of settings, the mic has filters set at 0, 75, and 150Hz, and level controls at -10, 0, and +20db. It’s powered by an internal 9V battery, but if you use the XLR, you can power it right off 48V phantom power. This would be a great addition to many DSLRs, that capture terrible in camera audio, and for professional cameras, like the very popular Canon C300, which does not have in body mics. The SVMX should definitely make much lighter setups possible, and conveniently mounts into any cold shoe.

As for pricing and availability, the RØDE VideoMic X probably won’t be cheap since there are so many upgrades over the original Stereo VideoMic Pro, which is already priced at $299 US. My guess would be around the $399 – 499 US range, although it will come with the company’s awesome 10 year warranty. We should have more details ahead of the October 2014 launch. Full press release is posted below.

UPDATE: Looks like the retail on the RØDE VideoMic X will be in the neighborhood of $800 US according to this post from NoFilmSchool. I guess $299 US for the original Stereo VideoMic Pro isn’t so bad after all.

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RØDE announces a new standard in immersive audio

Friday September 12th 2014, Amsterdam Netherlands – Australian audio company RØDE Microphones is excited to announce a new standard for broadcast-quality, immersive audio recording for on-camera use. The Stereo VideoMic X is RØDE’s flagship microphone for single-system audio, featuring acoustically matched true-condenser capsules and the option for balanced XLR output.

Designed and manufactured at RØDE’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia, using a ‘no expense spared’ approach to engineering, RØDE has employed only the finest audiophile-grade components in designing the Stereo VideoMic X. With an acoustically matched pair of externally-biased, true condenser capsules, the SVMX offers the highest level of performance of any stereo microphone from RØDE. These capsules in turn are independently housed in integrated Rycote® Lyre multi-axis shock mounts, protecting the sensitive transducers from any bumps or vibration without needing to suspend the microphone body.

Its body is constructed from aluminium, ensuring an extremely high level of RF rejection, while remaining lightweight (300gm/101Ž2oz). Critical body components such as the capsule and shoe mounts are precision machined to ensure the tightest possible tolerances, thereby minimising any acoustic resonance.

In addition to 3.5mm stereo output (via the included RØDE SC2 cable) the SVMX has the option of outputting a balanced signal via mini XLR, which can be used simultaneously. This gives the user a broadcast-grade output for professional camera systems and audio recorders.

The rear panel of the microphone features a range of adjustments to maximise the SVMX’s performance in almost any situation, including a three-stage high pass filter (0/75/150Hz), a three-stage level control (-10/0/+20dB) and an innovative frequency boost which is designed to help pick out high frequency detail, such as voices, in a recording environment. The boost will also combat any high frequency loss experienced with the use of wind protection. For the first time on any RØDE microphone these settings are accessed via press-button digital switching, which minimises the chance of settings being changed accidentally. For added convenience the SVMX will retain your settings when the microphone is powered off.

The microphone can be powered by either an internal 9V battery or by the P48 phantom power standard via XLR.

“The Stereo VideoMic X not only raises the bar for on-camera audio, it shatters it.” Commented Damien Wilson, RØDE’s Global Marketing & Sales Manager during the product launch at IBC. “When we started the “X” project we had the objective of creating the best of the best and I believe we’ve done just that. The SVMX is the ultimate tool for superlative audio capture in any environment.”

Like many other RØDE microphones, the Stereo VideoMic X is covered by a ten year warranty following registration on

The RØDE Stereo VideoMic X is being demonstrated at the IBC show in Amsterdam, on booth 8.D56 and shipping globally in October 2014. Hear the moment now at

About RØDE microphones:
RØDE Microphones ( designs and manufactures high-quality microphones and related accessories for studio, live and location use. Its products are designed and primarily manufactured in Sydney, Australia and exported to over 100 countries globally.


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