Sony has sold their one millionth PlayStation 4 console in the UK, accomplishing the feat in 42 weeks. That’s only a month shy of the record-holder, the Nintendo Wii, which did the same thing in just 38 weeks. It’s safe to say the PlayStation 4 is a big hit in England, but Sony’s dominance doesn’t stop there.

It’s tricky to come by actual numbers. The NPD Group reports detailed software sales, but not hardware sales. We know that in the first quarter of this year, the PlayStation 4 was outselling the Xbox One three to one, and Sony has just announced that their console is leading hardware sales for the eighth month in a row. Last month, at Gamescom in Germany, they announced that they had crossed the 10 million units mark globally.

The curious thing is that in addition to PlayStation 3 owners upgrading to the new console, PSN has also been seeing a lot of brand new sign-ups through the PlayStation 4, which could indicate Xbox 360 (or Wii) owners crossing over from Sony’s rivals.

However, while Sony may be beating Microsoft, the Xbox One isn’t doing bad by any stretch. According to a Microsoft representative, the Xbox One doubled its sales in July, something he attributes to the popular Xbox One Madden NFL 15 bundle. Madden NFL 15 was the top-selling game of August, so there’s probably a lot of merit to that.

Whether you’re Sony or Microsoft, everyone has reason to celebrate as the new consoles have been selling seventy-percent faster than their predecessors. Sticking with that number, the new hardware made up seventy-percent of August’s hardware sales, a number they haven’t seen since their launch back in November 2013.

The 2014 holiday season is coming up fast and that’s like the Hunger Games for the gaming market, so we might see some fluctuations in the numbers. Then again, Sony might just extend their lead even more.

via Game Informer and IGN

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