True story: One time, fellow MEGATechNews writer Michael Kwan and I went toe-to-toe in Street Fighter 4 over Xbox Live and it ended with Michael handing my butt to me ten times in a row before heading off to dinner and leaving me stewing in my own shame. I’m not really a fighting game type of guy, but an arena brawler? I can get down with that.

Bandai Namco Games is poised to launch the free-to-play fighting game Rise of Incarnates on PCs in late 2014. Details are scarce but the game will reportedly feature 2-on-2 action. It almost looks like a gundam game, except without the giant robots.

There are two videos below. One is the announcement trailer while the other features some gameplay footage from Rise of Incarnates. You can also check out the game’s official website for details on signing up for the alpha test.

via Shoryuken


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