I’ve never been a particularly active individual to begin with, so I can’t exactly blame fatherhood for my lethargy and inactivity. Even so, I find that I don’t take as many walks around the neighborhood as I once did, citing less than ideal weather conditions for the little one. Pokemon GO could provide an adequate excuse to get out there, but then I’d run into the problem of dwindling battery life on my phone. That is unless I pick up the new 4moms Moxi stroller.

While I personally find the “4moms” name already a little distasteful — I’m probably a little too defensive about the whole “dads are parents too” mentality — the idea behind the Moxi stroller is actually quite brilliant. As you make your way around town or inside the mall with your infant or toddler in tow, the wheels generate electricity that can then be used to charge your phone through the provided USB port. There’s also an LCD screen with temperature, battery status, speed and distance walked, along with an accompanying mobile app.

As far as the actual stroller part is concerned, the Moxi stroller works as one of these more versatile travel systems. You can use the bassinet for newborns, switch the seat from front to rear facing, and take advantage of the three recline positions. It is decidedly on the heavier side at about 30 pounds though. For all the non-parents in the audience, my Guzzie+Guss is about 19 pounds and that’s already on the heavier end of the umbrella stroller scale.

The other heavier bit is the price. The 4moms Moxi stroller will clock in at $700 when it launches this October. But hey, it comes with with headlights and taillights, powered by your own locomotion… though you may want to avoid late night strolls through a graveyard to catch your favorite ghost Pokemon. Do that on your own time.



Via Technabob

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