As if trying to capture a Sandshrew in an Australian police station wasn’t already strange enough, you might have to venture into your local cemetery (preferably under the darkness of night) for your next pocket monster adventure. It seems that Nintendo and Niantic have placed at least one Pokemon Go gym in the middle of an actual graveyard.

There’s still no word whether ghost-type Pokemon dominate these gyms.

All kidding aside, a random video was posted on YouTube (embedded below) where a couple of intrepid trainers thought they found a Pokemon Go gym at the local strip club (possibly in Allentown, Pennsylvania). When they got there, they realized the gym was just a little bit beyond the strip joint… in a cemetery. To be fair, Niantic and Nintendo have probably been pretty random about where they place things in this game. Graveyards are not immune.

Going through the comments in the Sploid post, it looks like many Niantic Points of Interest (which are used as Pokemon Go gyms and as portals in Niantic’s other game Ingress) end up in graveyards for whatever reason. Churches are also very common. What’s the weirdest place that Pokemon Go has taken you so far?


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