Remember when the external antenna on Apple’s iPhone 4 caused a signal issue? According to a rumor on Howardforum, something similar is happening to Motorola and Verizon’s flagship RAZRs and it’s pushing the phones’ release date back.

According to a forum user, the issue is with the external antenna that wraps around the phone and “the signal drop is great enough to create a large amount of users to return the device.” Now, that’s undeniably a huge problem if it’s causing massive returns and it wouldn’t make sense to go ahead with the phone launch until it’s addressed.

The post cites an “insider” from Motorola as well as a Verizon Wireless tester who supposedly confirmed that there is a hardware issue and it is delaying the launch. Again, this is a rumor on the internet, originating from a forum no less, but lets hope someone from Motorola can chime in soon with the official word.

via Talk Android

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