I figured I had time for one last collection of flash drives before the holiday is upon us, and since my folder was full of them here we go! Since I just wrote about the Tardis computer case, I figured I’d start this collection off with the Tardis flash drive. Although I’m fairly certain if I were to see a Tardis plugged into a Tardis something in my brain would give way and leave me gibbering away madly in the corner.

But I digress. As I said, first up is the Tardis flash drive, and I need one. It offers just 4GB of storage, but it’s entirely possible there’s more room inside than it appears. It features the blue light on top that lights up when it is plugged in and working, as well as a keychain attachment. What it doesn’t do is make the noise, which leaves me a little sad. So be it. You can make one yours for $29.99 US.

Source: Geek Alerts


I think I may have featured this one before, but that’s OK because maybe not everyone saw it and I like how it looks. Quite often I find myself really wanting to hold a gun to my computer, so this works out perfectly for me. Offering 32GB of storage, this gun is made of metal. Pick one up for $49.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


It may not look like much, but this little tiny thing will broadcast its contents to PCs and other mobile devices via WiFi-b/g/n hardware. Neat, huh? Of course, it still requires power, so you’ll have to plug it into a USB port somewhere, but those aren’t that hard to come by even if you’re away from your computer these days. It’s a little limited in that it currently only works with Windows 7 and iOS devices as well as requiring special software for devices that want to receive its data, but they’re working on Windows 8 and OSX versions to be released next year. Here’s the part you’re not going to like. The 8GB model is $115.00 US, while the 16GB is $170.00 US. Perhaps the Kingston Wi-Drive is a better idea.

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Is there anything the Swiss Army doesn’t have? This takes their standard pocket knife a huge step further and incorporates a 128GB flash drive along with the standard knife blade, scissors, nail file, screwdriver tip, ballpoint pen, and red LED light. It also comes with a USB cable for connecting to your computer in case you don’t want to have the entire thing hanging out of your USB port. All this goodness doesn’t come cheap, though. If you want one, it’s going to cost you $189.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


If you like the knife idea but don’t need all the bells and whistles, how about one of theses? These will be available from 4GB to 64GB, and feature a capless swivel design that opens like a jackknife. Although the picture shows the HP logo, these are actually coming soon from PNY. Pricing has not yet been announced, but they’ll be available soon so keep your eyes open.

Source: TechFresh


So you say your data is sensitive and shouldn’t fall into just any hands? How about an Apricorn Aegis Secure Key flash drive! This not only encrypts your data 100% using AES CBC (Cipher-Block Chained) hardware encryption, but you can’t even open it without the proper 7-15 digit alphanumeric PIN. It requires no software be installed on your computer, and its extruded aluminum casing is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock it, as it automatically locks itself when you remove it from your USB port. This one gives you 32GB of data storage for just over $125.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets


Do I even need to explain these? Mimobots and Mass Effect come together to create a fabulous flash drive synergy! As with all Mimoco drives, these contain exclusive wallpapers, sounds, trailers…and an added bonus here, Xbox360 and PC multiplayer bonus items. Each one gives you 16GB of storage, and they are very exclusive: only 2,000 individually-numbered drives have been made. Choose between Libra and Shepard for $29.99 US. But do it quickly, before they’re gone!

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The Dark Knight Rises! Or…maybe he lies down. Either way, really. This is an officially licensed 16GB flash drive, but it’s got a little something extra to offer. When you pop off Batman’s head to use the drive, his torso will also plug into a USB port and acts as a hub. Each piece has blue glowing lights when in use (the bat logo on the chest of the torso and the eyes of the head). Maybe you should sit down before you read how much it costs: This plastic, 10cm tall, 16GB flash drive is $87.00 US.

Source: Geeky Gadgets


How about some ridiculously cute Star Wars characters? These make me giggle. They’ve just been released by Italy’s Tribe, and you can get just about any character you want. Each one has a chain attachment to make them harder to lose, and each chain has a plastic fob to use as a cap keeper so you don’t lose those, either. Each individual drive costs €19.90 (~$26.00 USD), or you can get the whole set for €149.90 (~$194.00 USD).

Source: Technabob


OK, I admit it. I totally do NOT get this whole fascination with the pixellated stuff from Minecraft. Perhaps because I’m not a gamer. Anyway, the last entry in our collection for today is Creeper. There’s not a whole lot to say here, except he offers you 16GB of storage and will make you popular with the Minecraft kids. Pick yours up today for just $18.99 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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