I’ve never actually met anyone who uses Microsoft’s Outlook service to manage their email, but they have to be out there, right? Hopefully you’re not one of them, because Outlook has been experiencing issues all day long.

Starting around 7AM PT, issues began to affect Outlook.com and SkyDrive. SkyDrive was fixed within four hours and now, after over seven hours, Microsoft has finally restored web access to all Outlook.com users. It’s not completely over, however, as mobile users are still having problems. Microsoft claims to be working on a solution. The outage seemed to affect different users at different parts of the day.

Six months ago, a firmware upgrade caused 16-hour’s worth of issues for Outlook.com, but Microsoft has not yet released details on what went wrong this time. All of this comes right after Microsoft announced that Outlook has 400 million active users. Not today, it doesn’t.

via The Verge

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