If you have a Surface Pro device and you've been experiencing the screen flickering issue that's a thorn in the side of many, know that Microsoft will be replacing any affected units up until three years out from the original purchase date.

 “We have heard your feedback and after careful examination, have determined that a small percentage of Surface Pro 4 devices are exhibiting a screen flicker that cannot be addressed with a firmware or driver update."

That's Microsoft's official statement on the issue, which is listed on a support page along with the details of sending defective models in. Obviously this isn't the outcome anybody wanted, and it would be easier and quicker (and cheaper for Microsoft) to fix the issue with a patch, but considering that isn't an option, the company is doing the next best thing and replacing the bunk units.

While sticking your tablet in a freezer could temporarily fix the issue, some users already shelled out their money for a screen replacement. For those users, Microsoft is offering a refund. Two things of note: the replacement units will be refurbished, not brand new, and the three year warranty only applies to the specific screen issue.

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