The Nexus 6 is not only here, but it is large and in charge. Google and Motorola’s phablet – which was once codenamed “Shamu” – is a whopping 5.96 inches. Understandably, that fact comes up in a lot of reviews, but where a lot of reviewers anticipated the phone being much too cumbersome, that doesn’t seem to be the case. One thing is for sure: the phone is an absolute powerhouse in terms of specifications. So how does it hold up to other big phones in the phablet revolution? Read on to find out. Here are seven ultra-condensed excerpts from Nexus 6 reactions around the web.


“The Nexus 6 is friggin’ gigantic, but it’s wonderful, and I bet you a dollar it can win you over to big phones…Compared to other big phones, the Nexus 6 is great, but not the undisputed champ. Its clever one-handable design makes it leaps and bounds more usable than the iPhone 6 Plus, but the gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 still has some perks worth considering.”

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Tech Crunch

“For what its worth, I will be going back to my Nexus 5 after this review…[the Nexus 6 is] what Android can be, if you crank things up to 11 and go a bit insane with the screen size. Its a solid buy if its what youre looking for, but its not something I can recommend to anyone and everyone.”

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“if you welcome the expansive size and pure Android experience, the Nexus 6 delivers the goods with only a few minor drawbacks…ultimately though, a better alternative to both handsets (iPhone 6 Plus) is the Galaxy Note 4.”

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The Verge

“Android Lollipop couldnt ask for a better showcase than the Nexus 6…whether the Nexus 6 will be more than a showcase is an open question. ”

Read The Verge’s review.


“Google’s first shot at a large-screened device (not to mention its first Nexus collaboration with Motorola) is a good one…a powerful next-gen Snapdragon processor, improved camera, new version of Android and a premium design. What it lacks is a little more telling…mediocre battery life… if you’re buying the phone because it has a big screen and you want to use it as a phone/tablet hybrid, you’re not only trading off a comfortable one-handed experience, but you’re also doing so without features that take advantage of the extra real estate, like Multi Window or dual-pane mode for when the phone is in landscape.”

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Tech Radar

“Its tremendous display, premium specs and debut of Android 5.0 Lollipop make one of the best phablets to date…that’s not to say it’s the perfect phablet…this just happens to be the best Nexus Google has ever crafted.”

Read Tech Radar’s review.


“The Nexus 6 is a great success and for those prepared to step up in size, you will be rewarded with perhaps the most complete phone ever made…for better or worse, the best Android device is now a phablet.”

Read Forbes’ review.

Bigger is Better

The general consensus seems to be that the ridiculous size of the Nexus 6 is its greatest strength – even to those who were convinced that it would be the phone’s downfall. Everyone is in agreement that Lollipop is showing strong, though that’s where the agreements end. For every criticism leveled from one source, there’s praise from another cancelling it out. Some say the battery life is merely adequate while others were genuinely impressed with how long the phone lasted. Some did say that, yes, the size makes it a big tricky to handle with one hand, while Eric Limer over at Gizmodo raved about how well the one-handed features work.

The Nexus 6 is a great phone, just not as great as the Galaxy Note 4, apparently.

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