MEGATech Reviews: Kristall Liquid Screen Protector for Smartphones
Tired of ugly bubbles from your supposedly "invisible" screen protector? Should you get liquid nano tech with Kristall instead?
  • No bubbles, no mess
  • Invisible protection
  • Universal compatibility
  • Only lasts up to a year
  • Won't protect against cracks
9Overall Score

After investing hundreds of dollars on a shiny new smartphone, do you really want to leave anything to chance? While a growing number of carriers and retailers offer some sort of protection plan, one ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure. It’s so much better if you can avoid damaging your smartphone in the first place rather than having to jump through the hoops to get it repaired or replaced.

Then again, you might not want to wrap up that gorgeous new smartphone in some ugly case. You want to show it off to the world and this is where the Kristall Liquid Screen Protector could enter the conversation. It’s “just” a screen protector, but its nano technology takes it a few steps further than your standard plastic film.

The Promise of a Better Screen Protector


When you look at the screen protectors that are available on the market today, most of them take on the same fundamental form. They may be made from different materials and some may offer additional features like a privacy filter or an anti-glare effect, but they’re all typically cut out of a piece of transparent material and you stick it to your display.

Even though the material is typically clear, it doesn’t take much for someone to notice that you have a screen protector film on your phone. What’s more, many of us are quite unskilled at applying these protective films, leaving unsightly bubbles and trapped pieces of dust. The Kristall solution is quite different in that it is a liquid screen protector.

According to the package, this nano technology will provide invisible protection against smudges and scratches. It’ll even repel water while increasing glass hardness to 9H on the Moh’s scale. And yes, it really will be invisible, because no one will be the wiser than there’s anything on your phone’s screen at all.

The All-in-One Solution


Unlike other screen protectors that are cut out to fit a specific make and model of device, the very nature of the Kristall liquid screen protector makes it universal. When you pick up the pack for smartphones, you’ll be provided with everything you need to apply this liquid screen protector to your device of choice.

Included inside what looks like a cardboard sleeve for an installation CD, you get an alcohol pad pre-treated with 70% isopropyl alcohol, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a package containing the Kristall product itself.

Application of the product only takes a few minutes and you won’t have to worry about leaving a mess or creating some unsightly bubbles.

Application: Wax On, Wax Off


For the purposes of this review, I volunteered the ZTE Axon to act as the guinea pig. Kristall does state that this product is only good for glass displays, understandably, so you might want to double check. Most phones use glass these days anyhow.

As far as the instructions go, it’s pretty straightforward. You’ll want to start with a clean phone and that’s where the alcohol wipe and microfiber cloth come into play. Make sure your phone is reasonably clean before swirling the Kristall all over the screen. After letting it settle for a couple minutes, you can polish the screen with the microfiber cloth and it should be good to go in 60 seconds.


Opening the package for the product itself revealed a little surprise. I thought that it would look more like the alcohol wipe and be a little larger in size, but the paper-thin blue disc wasn’t much bigger than a dime. It’s also unclear whether you should be using one side or the other (or both), so I suppose ti doesn’t really matter.

MEGATechie Smooth Liquid Nourishment or MEGATechie Kristall Ball Mysticism?


My experience with the Kristall liquid screen protector, at least thus far, has been positive. You really don’t notice that the nano tech has been applied to the screen at all, so it’s a little hard to say whether it’s actually doing its job. I will say that the promise of being smudge resistant is tentative at best, as I can still see my fingerprints after some use.

The other hurdle that you’ll need to overcome is due to the very nature of the liquid screen protector, it will wear away over time unlike a more physical solution. They say that it will last “up to” a year between applications, though you won’t really know when you need to slather on some more nano tech.

In any case, a package of Kristall sells for less than $20 online and, if nothing else, it’ll provide you with a little piece of invisible peace of mind against scratches and minor damage.

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