Have you heard the one about the 40,000 Orthodox Jews that packed a baseball stadium to discuss the dangers of the Internet? If not, that’s alright, as it just happened yesterday.

Over 40,000 Orthodox Jews packed the New York Mets’ Citi Field to hold a rally focused on the dangers of the Internet, specifically the damaging effect it’s having on society. The event was so jam-packed that nearby Arthur Ashe stadium, which holds 20,000 occupants, also had to be rented out.

In talking about the threat that the Internet posted, spokesperson Eytan Kobre highlighted the accessibility of pornography, which he claims has reached “epidemic proportions.” Nobody can argue the abundance of porn that can be found online, but the effect it’s having on society is definitely up for debate. Also discussed was the growth of social networks and how they’re leading to people being more disconnected on a personal level, a claim that could definitely hold some merit.

At the conclusion of the event, which was sponsored by a group connected to a software company that sells web filtering software specifically to Orthodox Jews, it was decided that we must install such software to better protect ourselves. That doesn’t smell kosher to me.

via The Verge

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