At first blush, you have to be thinking what I was…does anyone really need a flashlight embedded in their hose nozzle? But then where I went with it was my work non-schedule. I actually have found myself watering my flowers at 2am more than once, and my porch lights are only so helpful, particularly when I get around the end of the house where there aren’t any doors. Not that it requires any kind of great precision to water flowers, but I’d still like to get somewhere near them instead of just blindly flinging water about.

This nozzle will easily attach to any standard garden hose with just a few twists of your wrist. It features a comfortable rubber grip and trigger. Embedded in the head in the middle of where the water comes out is a ring of bright LED bulbs to light your way. Being me, I can also see where this might be a neat summertime toy for the kids, although it doesn’t appear to come in any other colour but white. You will need two AA batteries (not included) to make it work.

If you’re like me and cannot always do your yard work when it is conveniently light outside, you should pick one up. And at just $12.99 US, these are actually cheaper than some other hose nozzles.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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