If you’ve ever tried to bathe an infant, you know how amazingly talented they are at, um, soiling the water almost immediately after you put them in it. And then really…what is the point of bathing them? You also know how hard it is to maintain a temperature suitable for their delicate skin, especially if you’re using one of those little bath tubs that sits on the counter. Now, there is a solution that will help you not only through the infant stage, but well into your child’s growing years.

The Cleanwater Infant Bathtub has a freshwater basin at the top with a thermometer. All you have to do is let water from the faucet run into it, use the colour-coded thermometer to set the temperature, and you’ve got clean water constantly running into the bathtub that is a safe and comfortable temperature for baby’s bottom. The dirty water runs out, of course. The bathtub will fit most standard single and double basin sinks, and can accommodate your child from five to 25 pounds. It even comes with a sponge and rinse cup!

Once your baby outgrows the Infant Bathtub, then you can use the Spout Cover. This fits over most standard bathtub spouts, and performs basically the same function. Leave the water running and the drain open, and the thermometer embedded in the spout cover will make sure you have a constant supply of clean water at a comfortable temperature. Not only that, but it acts as a spout guard to protect your baby’s breakable parts in case they get a little wild and slip and fall against it.

This is, of course, a lot more expensive than the normal infant bathtubs you can buy in any department store, but if you’re really concerned about your baby’s bathtime, it’s really not unreasonable. You can make one yours for just under $90.00 US.

Source: Craziest Gadgets

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