Kingston Technology has decided that Canadians don’t always have to be blamed. Instead, they are showering Canadian PC enthusiasts with a contest that includes a wicked HyperX Memory powered gaming rig worth $3000 (all in US deniros compadre) and a whole whack of other prizes which include:

  • One Kingston SSDNow M Series 80GB solid-state drive
  • One HyperX DDR3 2GHz 6GB triple-channel memory kit
  • Five DataTraveler HyperX 16GB USB Flash drives (one per winner)

Of course, the gaming system is where it’s at and features a top end INTEL CPU (probably Core i7) and an ASUS motherboard and GPU. CoolerMaster supplies the excellent case, CPU Cooler and Power Supply while Smooth Creations paints on a custom “Kingston Dude” motif that is sure to please at any Computer Geek get together. Yup, he’s a flaming red head alright.

The contest started June 10th, but runs until July 31st so there’s plenty of time to get entered to win. By plenty of time I mean get your ass over to the official contest page before you forget!

Like most contests that run in Canada, you will have to be smart enough to answer a skill testing question if indeed you win. This is also one of those rare occasions where being Canadian won’t get you penalized and tossed out of a contest with some really great booty. However, if you’re from the province of Quebec, your separatist ways have gotten you ousted from this party as well. See even the US doesn’t think you’re Canadian now! Sorry!

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