The fall of world records continues in the fourth quarter of 2011. This time, memory speed is once again the target and Kingston HyperX memory is the weapon of choice.

On December 3rd during a live overclocking session, Lab501 broke the world memory speed records at CL10, CL9, and CL8. If you recall from a previous article, Kingston HyperX memory already held the record for CL8.

In the end, with liquid nitrogen bring temperatures down to -196°C, Romanian overclockers  Matei “Matose” Mihatoiu, Tudor “Monstru” Badica, and Razvan “Micutzu” Fatu clocked the HyperX CL10 to 3600 MHz, CL9 to 3479 MHz, and CL8 to 3275 MHz. More details below.

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Kingston HyperX Achieves Highest Memory Frequency in

Live Overclocking Session


HyperX Memory Achieves Top Speeds of 3600MHz (CL10), 3479MHz (CL9), 3275MHz (CL8)

Detailed information about the session is available online:

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced that the Romanian overclocking team, Lab501, achieved three new world records with the world’s fastest dual channel memory kit, Kingston® HyperX® 2544MHz (Kingston part #: KHX2544C9D3T1FK2/2GX), during a live overclocking session.

The new records were set on December 3, 2011, by Matei Mihatoiu aka “Matose”, Tudor Badica aka “Monstru” and Razvan Fatu aka “Micutzu”, the three Romanian overclocking champions from the world renowned Lab501 team. The records were achieved in an overclocking event organized in the eMAG showroom in Bucharest, Romania, in front of approximately 100 overclocking enthusiasts and two local TV crews. The highest record achieved was 3600MHz at CL10, which stands as the world’s highest memory frequency using DDR3 memory. During the same event, the Lab501 team also managed to achieve world records of 3479MHz at CL9 and 3275MHz at CL8, using liquid nitrogen to cool the modules down to -196°C.

“We have a long partnership with Kingston and we were looking forward to take our shot with their fastest dual channel memory kit in order to achieve at least one world record,” said Tudor Badica, founding member of the Lab501 team.

“Kingston provided us with the kit one week in advance, so after a few attempts and testing, I was quite confident that these modules were capable of achieving some very impressive speeds,” said Matei Mihatoiu, founding member of the Lab501 team, after the achievement.

“We would really like to thank Kingston for supporting us in our attempt to take the number one spot in the DDR3 SDRAM overclocking charts,” said Razvan Fatu, founding member of the Lab501 team.

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