Sony Ericsson has filed a patent for a device that will help you exercise (ala Wii). Using the “carrot-and-stick” principle, a phone or PDA equipped with a pedometer could reward you for a pre-set amount of steps per week by downloading mp3 files, videos, or ring tones. However, should you not reach the target, the system will randomly delete one of the files!

A wireless communications device includes a motion-detecting device, such as a pedometer, that generates a signal upon detecting the user’s motion. Quantified characteristics of the user motion are stored in memory of the wireless communications device. The quantified characteristics represent a predetermined objective that the user desires to achieve by performing the motion. A processor receives the signal from the motion-detecting device and uses the signal to monitor selected characteristics of the user’s motion. The processor compares the selected characteristics and, when the comparison indicates that the user has achieved the predetermined objective, downloads reward data to the wireless communications device.

Source: US Patent Application #20060293041

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